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SYNOPSIS - The distances traveled from the East to the West were vast - miles and miles and hours and hours of driving - but I photographed them as if they were my own suburb. Mile after mile you start to establish a special feeling with the variety of environments and with the variety of people you meet and talk to.

They facilitated that kind of sensory relationship that you begin to develop with the landscapes, mile after mile. Everything becomes part of the scenario through the process of observation, listening and through photography, as the most natural consequence of that process.

These photographs are the result of a determined process, of a conscious question. A way to reach the heart of what made this place what it is, to try to discover its hidden core. The pictures, through the process of their making, lead you towards that place and the most exciting images are those that have discarded all possible artifices. They bring you directly to a human experience, a social encounter.

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