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SYNOPSIS - Moria’s refugee Camp and the failure of the EU's policies, an ongoing quandary. Moria, Europe's most infamous refugee camp, is just a few miles away from Skala Sikamineas.

Built on a hill among olive groves, it's surrounded by large cemented walls with barbed wire on top. Most of those who land in Lesbos eventually end up here, one of five reception and identification centers in the Aegean Sea.

Although the EU-Turkey refugee deal, signed in 2016, has helped to reduce the number of people making their way to Europe via the Aegean Sea, according to the UNHCR and the Aegean Boat Report, boats continue to arrive almost daily, and 2019 looks like being the busiest year since 2016.

The crisis in Moria is threatening to boil over. Doctors without Borders (MSF), who have set up a clinic opposite the main camp, describe the situation as an emergency — not only a medical one, but also psychologically.

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